Why we are here?

Crypto market is growing fast, with new exciting projects launching every day, but everyone should remember that DeFi is public. As it functions on blockchain technology, all transactions are transparent to everyone. Therefore, unfortunately for crypto-lovers, not all of projects are destined for growth. Even more dangerous is the fact that due to anonymity and often ill intentions of project owners, users often come face to face with different scams. In order to secure their assets and prove to users that the project is protected from various kinds of vulnerabilities both from outside and from within, the developers lock the liquidity of their project, they also use team vesting for an honest and safe distribution of assets within their own company. Many teams dream of creating their own smart contract and realizing their dreams and ambitions, but they cannot afford it, or simply do not know how to do it quickly, safely and conveniently. Therefore, we present CryptEx.

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