Smart Contract Constructor

Create your own token
CryptEx Token Constructor - a smart contract constructor that combines elements of audited, tested code with functional arguments. Constructor link: https://cryptexlock.me/constructor This is a no-code solution specifically designed to help create a token for you, according to your preferences.
It’s possible to create ERC-20/BEP-20 or RFI tokens. CryptEx offers additional option of receiving a smart contract audit provided by HashEx and Paladin.
CryptEx Token Constructor makes it possible to lock the tokens right away and create the safest project with an audit within seconds.
  • Affordable. You can choose to order only a smart contract or a bundle with the smart contract + audit. By choosing an option with an audit, you save up to 90% on auditing services. We offer a cheap solution to all your token needs.
  • Safe. All smart contracts are audited by Paladin and HashEx. The audit report is automatically generated based on previous audits performed by both companies.
  • Fast. The process takes only seconds. After inputting all your specification, you press the magic button and wait until the transaction becomes available on BSCScan.
  • No-code. After completing a few simple steps, you are free to deploy and use your own custom token. You don’t need any coding knowledge or technical details.
CryptEx Token Constructor is the first product of a line-up that’s currently being developed by CryptEx. The users of CryptEx Token Constructor receive an audit with a special discount of up to 90%.


  • v1 - RFI, ERC20 - with audit version and without an audit
  • v1.1 - RFI with no tx max limit, ERC20 - with audit version and without an audit