Team Vesting

Team tokens are a certain amount of funds set aside to be released gradually. They are normally used later for further development, team rewards marketing, etc. Dumping these tokens can cause a dip.

CryptEx Team Vesting service guarantees that the team fulfills their obligation to the investors for the duration of the locking period, and the tokens would be released in portions as promised. Our audited smart-contracts securely vest users' team tokens for any customized duration. Similar to the Locker, the tokens are placed into a smart contract and only accessible to withdraw after the vesting period has passed.

How does it work

Similarly to usual locking, tokens get locked on a smart contract. For team vesting the minimal proxy pattern is used. Each token is blocked in its own designated sandbox or satellite contract.

There is no possibility that an accidental mistake in calculations, balancing, or any issue with the locked tokens, might cause a malfunction or transfer of the tokens from one user to another.


  • v1 - There is no referrer support

  • v2 - There is referrer support

If you have any questions about LP tokens or Liquidity locking, learn Vesting FAQ:

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