Advantages of RFI created by our constructor

CryptEx Token Constructor is a cheap and safe option for everyone looking to release their own token. Thereโ€™s an option to create a customizable RFI token, and today our experts are sharing the main difference between a CryptEx-created RFI token and a typical one.

  • Added safeguards for crucial token parameters set in constructor and onlyOwner update functions. The total fees limit is chosen by the owner during the token creation and canโ€™t be changed after or set at more than 50%. The token is much more resistant to the ownerโ€™s errors.

  • Specific events are emitted with every major function. It makes the development of all future smart contracts based on the created token much easier.

  • Token meets the ERC20 standard, i.g. zero amount transfers are legit. Zero amount transfers are essential in some processes, for example claiming farm rewards. Many RFI tokens that do not support this feature simply would fail on deposit(0) and withdraw(0).

  • Added burnable and referral options, creating flexibility for the token deployers.

  • More efficient transfers. Typical RFI token (i.e. SafeMoon fork) transfer gas cost increases linearly with the number of excluded accounts:

SafeMoon token

Token constructor version excluded addresses storage and transfer function code significantly reduce the gas consumption:


In reality, during every standard token transfer, you save 10 times on gas.

An example of another token transfer: โ€” Gas Used by Transaction: 792,269 or 2.5 USD.

With our token, you would have paid up to 10 times less, around 79688 gas or 0,26 USD. Almost 2 USD difference per 1 transaction.

  • SafeMoon-like tokens are usually prone to the bug with wrong balance calculation after the includeInReward() function call. Our token doesnโ€™t have this problem: including the account with a large balance doesnโ€™t affect other users.

  • DEX router for swaps is updateable to the one from the whitelist, controlled by CryptEx. In comparison, PancakeSwap V1 -> V2 migration was a problem for SafeMoon users in April 2021.

  • Accidentally sent third-party tokens could be recovered by the contractโ€™s owner.

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