Staking FAQ

General Questions

Q.: What is the minimum amount for staking? A.: There is no minimum amount, you can stake 0.00000001 CRX as well as 1000 CRX.

Q.: How often can I collect the rewards? A.: You receive the rewards immediately after they’re divided between stakers. At any moment you can transfer them to your BSC wallet.

Q.: Is it single asset staking? A.: Yes. Only CRX tokens are staked, and the rewards for staking are be paid out in BNB

Q.: Is there any impermanent loss involved? A.: There’s no impermanent loss because you are stake only CRX, and the sum stays the same. After the locking period is over, you can transfer the CRX back to your wallet.

Q.: What does the reward amount depend on? What’s the APR/APY going to be? A.: The reward pool amount depends on how many clients have paid for the CryptEx Services. The more fees we get — the bigger is the reward for our stakers.

Q.: Can I un-stake frozen CRX? A.: You can’t un-stake frozen CRX before the due date. However, after the due date, you will be able to un-stake at any moment.

Q.: Do I need to re-stake CRX after the due date? A.: No. CRX will be kept on the smart contract

Q.: What if I want to be able to sell my CRX at any moment? A.: Just select 0 locking period, and you’ll be able to withdraw CRX at any moment.

Q.: Does the UI show the unlock date? A.: Yes. You can find it in the ‘Withdraw’. The unlock date is shown for each stake.

Rating Score and Rating Bonus

Q.: What is a Rating Score? A.: Rating Score provides a mechanism to increase your staking rewards payout.

Q.: What’s the Rating Score for unlocked staking? A.: If you choose to stake without locking, your rating will be equal to the amount of CRX you are staking. You will be able to exit the staking contract at any time, but you will not continue to receive rewards once you exit. If you stake 100 CRX your Rating Score will be 100. And you will be able to exit the contract any time you want.

Q.: What’s the Rating Score for locked staking? A.: If you lock your CRX for 2.1 weeks or longer (up to 12 weeks), you will receive a rating bonus that is linear to the amount of time you lock your CRX for.

Q.: What is a Rating Bonus? A.: A Rating bonus is a multiplier to your Rating Score that depends on the locking period for your CRX.

Q.: How does a Rating Bonus increase my payout? A.: The longer you lock, the higher is your Rating Bonus. Rating Bonus can be stated from x1 to x3. Maximum Rating Bonus equals x3. If you stake 100 CRX and lock for 12 weeks, your Rating Score becomes 300 (100 CRX x 3 Rating bonus). However, your locked CRX will not be eligible for withdrawal from the staking contract until the locking period is over.

Q.: Will my Rating Score Bonus decrease after the due date? A.: No. Your bonus will stay the same until you un-stake. And you don’t need to re-stake.

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