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LP Locker

LP Locker
Locker is a tool for locking LP (Liquidity Provider) and team tokens for a customizable period of time. As long as the liquidity is fully locked, the investors are protected from rug pulls, as long as team tokens are locked, they are safe from dumps. Our internally and externally audited smart-contracts securely lock users' LP tokens for any customized duration you specify. CryptEx never takes custody of users' LP tokens, and does not have access to them. Instead, they are stored in the smart contract and they are only accessible to withdraw by the same wallet that initially locked them after the locking period has passed. You can Lock the liquidity right now on our web:

How does it work

Tokens get locked in smart contracts. For each locker, we use the type of architecture that fits it best.
The architecture is based on mutually isolated fault-tolerant systems, where each lock is isolated from another one, thus preventing any mutual influence. Whatever happens inside the smart contract doesn’t affect any other locks.


  • v1 - migration is not supported, only one swap supported
  • v2 - migration is supported, only one swap supported
  • v3 (CURRENT VERSION) - migration is supported, referrer is supported, only one swap is supported
  • v4 (IS BEING DEPLOYED) - many swaps are supported, migration is supported, referrer support is supported

If you have any questions about LP tokens or Liquidity locking, learn LP FAQ: